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Parenting with a tech loving teen?
Here’s the support and knowledge you need.

Introducing: Digital Awareness for Parents – The Teenage Years

Online Safety for Parents of Teens
– No it’s not too late!

Are you feeling overwhelmed, confused or out of touch when it comes to your teens online life?

You are not alone! So many parents feel frustrated at how much time their teen spends online and it can be the trigger for many heated conversations at home. Our teenagers online lives can be as complex and demanding as their real world experiences. As a parent, it’s important we don’t just see all screentime as negative, we need to understand their world, be informed, involved and stay ahead of the risks, so our teens can get all the benefits the online world can offer, whist staying safe, protecting their privacy and learning how to create healthy boundaries.

That’s where this course comes in.

Why This Course?

Our teenagers are growing up in a generation that has never known not having access to the online world. They are navigating a world of endless online possibilities, challenges and risks. They socialise, learn, and explore online in a way that is second nature to them but can often feel foreign to us as parents.

This course is designed to bridge that gap. As parents and carers, we need to keep up. Through this course you will gain knowledge, strategies, and confidence to guide your teen safely and positively through their digital journey.

We’re going to cover:

  • What are teens really doing and seeing online today?
  • Social Media – The influencers V the influenced
  • Online Gaming
  • Pornography, sextortion and sexting
  • Digital Footprints – online reputation and consequences
  • Cyberbullying – what does it look like, how to deal with it and what if your teen is the Cyberbully?
  • Data & Privacy – how to keep private online
  • Brain Development and Screentime – what’s the connection?
  • Misinformation online – how to help your teen spot it and not spread it.

We’ll be covering all of the above and more, so you can leave feeling more aware of what your teen is experiencing online, understand why they enjoy spending so much time online and feel more confident in having conversations with them about all of the above! You are still their best form of protection online. By having regular open and honest conversations you can help them keep safe and build healthy digital habits to grow with them.

I’ll help you do that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Things can change very quickly in the online world. It’s never too late to start understanding what your teen may be seeing or experiencing online and start having some key conversations around these topics. This course will help you improve the odds of nothing too dangerous or damaging happening to your teen online We want to keep it that way.

Yes absolutely. We currently have a program in the making for teens to go through themselves as we know it can be hard for parents to cover all these topics. We also know that teens don’t always want to have all these chats with their parents – in the meantime, share away – there is no such thing as too much knowledge in this topic! It could be a great conversation starter for your family.

You could binge through the whole course in under 2 hours. But you have the option to stop and start as fits in with you. With a private podcast feed available you can catch up in the car, on a walk of whenever suits you. Each module is broken down and range from 10 minutes to 30. Easy to fit in around busy schedules and repeat as often as you wish.

Yes! There is a 10% discount off the total price when buying multiple courses.

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