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How we help schools?

Schools and teachers are exposed to the impact of the increased use and accessibility of the online world for children on a daily basis.  This is impacting how children are behaving and learning in schools everywhere.

From reduced sleep due to late night screentime, low self-esteem or confidence due to cyberbullying or constant unrealistic online comparisons, it all feeds back into the classroom and in turn outcomes for the pupils and schools. 

We love working with schools to improve the digital landscape of their students. Whether it is via one of our graded online workshops, running a workshop with pupils or hosting a talk for parents. We are committed to making every child at your school more Screen-Safe and improving their digital wellbeing and outcomes.

Pupil Workshops

Screen- Safe will cover important online safety topics in an age-appropriate, interactive and light -hearted manner, keeping the young audience engaged whilst learning how to become kind & responsible digital citizensIf you are part of a pro-active school that wants to help it’s pupils remain safe and happy in the digital world, I would love to talk to you.

Parent Talks

Through our parent talks we can educate around the dangers of the digital world, how to monitor & mentor your child’s screen time and how to build healthy digital habits that will enable them to thrive now and in the future. Through empowering parents, we know we are in turn empowering children and that will make a difference in schools.

Topics Covered:

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“Anna worked with parents within our local cluster of schools and home-school network to provide an information evening aimed at keeping children and young people safe online.  Her knowledge and advice was incredibly useful, Anna answered a range of questions and was able to link responses to the latest research and studies.  This is a rapidly evolving area with apps changing all the time and new ones appearing.  Our children are bombarded by the latest trends and applications, this can be a challenge for even the most dedicated teacher or parent.  Screensafe is the perfect way for us to stay on top of this with regular blogs, training and advice.  Anna’s diligence is very reassuring and the fact that she takes the time to digest the latest research and communicate the most up to date information is invaluable both as a parent and an educational setting.  Screensafe provides a much-needed way for us to ensure our knowledge is appropriate to the issues our children are faced with every day online.  Thank you Anna for creating this resource!”

Paul Macfarlane – Head Teacher, Dean Barwick School